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Community Kids

Gracewood believes the worship service is a time for us to come together as a community to learn, be encouraged and challenged. We’re excited to be able to provide that same age appropriate experience for your children!

Visit the Community Kids Check-In counter today to register your child for Wigglin’ Worship, Kid's Club or Rift!

Wigglin' Worship (Newborn-PreK)

Wigglin’ Worship is a safe, secure, nurturing environment where your little ones (ages 0-5 years) can learn Biblical truths. Early childhood is the best time to build a God-centered worldview for children. Our role is to teach Wigglin’ Worshippers a short Bible lesson each week and engage them in activities that will make the lesson memorable and exciting!

For your continued peace of mind:

  • Our volunteers are experienced care providers and/or parents themselves
  • Our volunteers have received a criminal background check
  • Our volunteers love God and His children
  • You will have the option of receiving a pager at check-in so if your child becomes uncomfortable we can page you during the service.

For more information, contact our Children's Director.

Kid's Club (Kindergarten-4th Grade)

Kid's Club is an exciting place where your kids can learn Biblical truths and how to share God’s love!

  • Our volunteers are experienced children’s church leaders/teachers.
  • Our volunteers have received a criminal background check.
  • Our volunteers love God and His children.

For more information, contact our Children's Director.

Rift (5th-7th Grade)

Middle school years can be tough to navigate and Rift provides kids in grades 5 through 7 with opportunities to build upon their foundation of biblical truths while digging deeper into God's word in a safe, fun, and encouraging environment.

  • Our volunteers have received criminal background checks.
  • Our volunteers are experienced and dedicated to working with this age group.
  • Our volunteers intentionally strive to create an environment in which every kid feels welcome and able to discover their gifts and talents.

For more information, contact us.